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VSCO Girl Starter Pack

With Halloween right around the corner, expect to see lots of little VSCO girls on your doorstep this year. Or maybe it is your own daughter who is begging for a VSCO girl starter pack, whether it is for Halloween or her daily life.

If you are totally lost, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The first time my kids said “VSCO girl” I was utterly confused too.

“Crisco girl? What is that?”

Once the laughter died down, they tried to explain it to me. I kinda got it, but still needed to check out google and ask my mom friends about it too.

To make your life easier, I compiled everything you need to know about this viral trend (and even have links for you to purchase the VSCO girl starter pack towards the end).

What the heck is a VSCO girl?

VSCO girl (pronounced visco) is a slang term for teenage girls. It is essentially the younger version of a “basic bitch.” We have Uggs and pumpkin spice everything; they have Hydroflasks and scrunchies.

The name originated from a picture editing app and it has become both an insult and a status symbol. It refers to mainly white, middle class, teenage girls who dress in certain clothes, shoes or accessories.

You have probably seen hordes of VSCO girls at the mall and not even realized it. For future reference, they are easily recognized by the messy buns, dewy skin and shell necklaces.

And if you doubt that this is a real thing, check out the hashtag #vsco on Instagram, which is the VSCO girl’s preferred social media platform. The hashtag currently has over 195 million posts and that number increases every day.

Should I be worried if my daughter wants to be a VSCO girl?

Probably not. Every generation has some version of a VSCO girl. I was a teenager in the nineties, where flannel and Doc Martins were the measure of coolness. Same teenage trend of trying to belong, just different items to fit in with the crowd.

VCSO girls tend to be eco-conscious
VCSO girls tend to be eco-conscious

VSCO girls tend to promote a positive, supportive environment for other girls and are eco-friendly. Honestly, if your daughter wants to save the turtles and wear Birkenstocks, what is it hurting?

Yes, you will have to hear, “and I oop” and “sksksksk” all the time, but it’s not the worst thing your daughter could be doing. If I just confused you again, “and I oop” indicates shock or embarrassment and “sksksksk” is the new version of OMG.

VSCO Girl Starter Pack

If you are looking for an easy VSCO girl starter pack, here are the basic items you will need.

A Hydroflask is a must have for every VSCO girl
A Hydroflask is a must have for every VSCO girl

A Hydroflask is an absolute must. VSCO girls tend to be brand specific (and most of them aren’t cheap!) It’s even better if the Hydroflask is decorated in cute or motivational stickers. A lot of VSCO girls also use the stickers to decorate their laptops and notebooks too.

For shoes, you have options. Most VSCO girls tend to go with Vans or Crocs, but Birkenstocks are also seen regularly. And you will need the Nike, mid-calf, white socks to go with them.

Their clothing tends towards oversize t-shirts and jean shorts or ripped jeans. And don’t forget the scrunchies! They are making a huge comeback, but only if you are a teenage girl. Scrunchies are still a major no-no for moms (according to the teenage girls I know)

There are options with jewelry too. Some VSCO girls won’t go anywhere without their shell necklaces. Others gravitate toward bracelets like these or handmade ones.

To really complete the look, you could add Burt’s Bees chapstick and a Kanken backpack.

Is this just a trend?

Yes, definitely and it will phase out eventually. But you know there will be something else to take its place. So for now, embrace it and show your kids how cool you are because you understand what a VSCO girl is!

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Is your daughter a VSCO girl?
Is your daughter a VSCO girl?
Visco Girl Starter Pack
Visco Girl Starter Pack

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