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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Tweens and Teens

Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to express your love for the people in your life and many moms like to do something for their children too. It’s pretty easy to find a gift for your partner, but coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your tweens or teens can be more difficult.

Most teenagers will act like they don’t want a Valentine’s Day gift from their mom. But trust me, they will be disappointed if they wake up that morning and you didn’t do something special for them.

My own kids say that Valentine’s Day gifts from their parents are silly, but I know that they secretly wish that I will ignore them and surprise them with a treat. Or at least, I hope that is what they are actually thinking.

As crazy as your teenagers can make you sometimes, they are still your little darlings and you want to celebrate the holiday with them. So here are some simple and inexpensive ways to show your love and be the coolest mom on the block.

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The obvious Valentine’s Day idea for tweens and teens is candy

Valentine's Day candy for tweens and teens
All of this was less than $15 and it was for 3 kids!

Ok, this is an easy one. Everyone loves candy, it’s cheap and you can find it almost anywhere. Plus, this time of year, there is a ton of heart shaped or themed candy out on the shelves.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to pull off this Valentine’s Day idea for tweens and teens. Hit up your local dollar store for the bags and tissue paper. Get their favorite types of candy and then dump it in the bag and top it with the tissue paper. Easy peasy!

You can put the gift bag on their nightstand or next to their bookbag so they see it first thing in the morning. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face and start their day off right.

Themed breakfast

Speaking of starting their day off on the right foot, how about a themed breakfast? Yes, it is cheesy, but it shows that you care, which is the whole point anyway.

If you are a culinary master, whip up some heart shaped pancakes. Or use this waffle maker to guarantee they come out perfect every time.

If your kitchen skills are lacking, throw some berries in a bowl on the counter with a sign that says, “I love you berry much.” You can also check out Pinterest for creative ideas and step by step directions for other breakfast dishes.

Gift cards are a good Valentine’s Day idea for tweens and teens

Again, a small gesture of your love can mean a lot. You could give your tween or teen $5-10 gift cards to their favorite places, like the local movie theater, fast food restaurant or Starbucks.

Try tucking these inside a funny card or hide the gift card in their coat pocket or lunchbag. If you are feeling super nice, you could even offer to drive them to those stores when they want to use the gift cards.

The gift of your time

Spending time with your teen can be the best gift
Spending time with your teen can be the best gift

Another fun Valentine’s Day idea is to take your kids out for a “mommy and me date”. Just make sure that you don’t call it that or they will refuse to go.

Instead, ask if they would like to go out to lunch with you the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day. To get them even more excited, tell them that they can pick the restaurant.

Time together is precious, especially at this age, so this is really a gift for both of you.

Themed food is a fun Valentine’s Day idea for tweens and teens

If you don’t have time to make themed food in the morning, why not try it at night? You could bake Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes and have them waiting for your teenagers when they get home from school. Or use these cookie cutters to make a sweet desert.

If your tween or teen isn’t into sugary snacks, you could make meatloaf for dinner and shape it into a heart. And if you really suck at cooking and baking, throw a frozen pizza in the oven and arrange the pepperoni in a heart design.

Nothing has to be pinterest-worthy; it just has to show that you put the effort in and that you love them.

Support your tween or teen’s hobby

Does your child have a favorite sport, tv show or hobby? If so, give them a small gift that relates to it.

For example, if your teenager is obsessed with his guitar, put some picks and strings in a cute bag. If writing is his passion, wrap up a new journal or arrange to take him to a book signing.

Sometimes the best way to show your show is to let them know that you acknowledge, accept and support their interests.

Get moving

Get up and move together
Get up and move together

Try getting your blood pumping and do a physical activity with your tween or teen. You could go for a hike, take them ice skating or rock climbing, or try something neither one of you has done before.

This is a great way to possibly discover a new shared interest with your teen. It is also a fabulous way to get them to open up and talk to you. When they are distracted by physical activity, teenagers suddenly start spilling everything!

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love. Even the smallest of gestures will show your tween or teen that you are thinking about them. And they might just thank you for it.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens
Tween and Teen gift guide for Valentine's Day
Tween and Teen gift guide for Valentine’s Day

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