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The Ultimate List of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Teens

The holidays will be here before you know it so it’s time to start thinking about gift shopping (if you aren’t already in the thick of it). I’ve heard people complain about shopping for teenagers, but honestly, they are not nearly as difficult to buy gifts for as you might imagine. My teens always provide me with long wish lists, but they tend to forget about stocking stuffers. And buying stocking stuffers for teens is one of my favorite parts of holiday shopping.

Think about it; most stocking stuffers are low cost and you don’t even have to wrap them. You can throw little treats and surprises in their stockings that are guaranteed to make them smile. If you are completely lost and need some inspiration, check out these ideas for the best stocking stuffers for teens! I promise you will find something for every teen on your holiday list!

75 stocking stuffers for teens
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Useful stocking stuffers for teens

This wallet ninja multitool is the perfect stocking stuffer for teens. It is the size of a credit card, but includes 18 tools and is approved to carry on flights.

If your teen rides a bike or skateboard after dark, check out these LED lights for bicycle tires or the one for skateboards.

Almost every teen would love to have their own travel coffee mug or reusable water bottle. This Hydroflask does double duty because it can hold hot or cold liquids. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Some other “useful to have” items for teens are a small flashlight, a pocket knife and this cool tactical pen. It has 12 tools, including a compass, whistle and glass breaker, yet it is small enough to fit in your teen’s pocket.

Food is always a good choice

When I need one or two more things to put in my teen’s stockings, I turn to food every time. If your teenager has a favorite snack, throw it in there. If you need ideas, beef jerky and trail mix are usually a hit with teenagers. Plus, I love that they come in small packages so they are easy for your kids to throw in a purse or backpack and take with them on the go.

Another surefire win is candy! Retro candy, like Pop Rocks are fun and nostalgic for you (maybe your kids will share). Or you could go with classic, holiday candy, like these chocolates.

Stocking stuffer for teens who like to read and write

My daughter is a total bookworm and she can’t stop raving about this booklight. It is flexible, rechargeable, comes in a variety of colors and has three levels of brightness.

Kindle gift cards would make another great stocking stuffer for teens. Or maybe your teen would prefer a writing journal to express themselves.

Remember Mad Libs? Well, they are back and they even have a holiday edition!

Gifts for creative teens

Let your teen express themselves with this temporary hair chalk. Don’t worry, it washes right out!

Or maybe your teen wants to experiment with tattoos instead. These temporary tattoo markers come in 8 colors and last about a day.

This 30 pack of acrylic paint pens is perfect for a budding artist. They can be used on rocks, ceramics, wood, glass or fabric.

Stocking stuffers for gamers

Both of my boys are gamers and they agree, Steam gift cards are the way to go. I’ve included the link here, but you can get them for less money at most grocery stores or pharmacies.

If you prefer a physical gift, these keycaps are a fun upgrade. And of course, every true gamer needs Mountain Dew (check out their holiday-inspired drink!) and snacks.

Stocking stuffers for teens to use in school

I know it’s normally kinda lame to buy them school supplies as a gift, but these are so fun that your kids won’t mind! The holiday Smencils come in five scents and are so cute that they will make your kids look forward to going back to school after winter break.

Check out these color-changing pens with smiley face tops. And these Shakespeare-inspired sticky notes. Adorable, right?

Gifts to make them laugh

Slingshot rubber chickens. Need I say more?

How about a zombie plant? It “plays dead” when you touch it, but then “comes back to life.”

Themed candy is sure to get a chuckle out of your teen. Who wouldn’t laugh at Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy or Elf Poop? Don’t worry, it’s just a tin of mints!

Stocking stuffers for athletes

Here are four stocking stuffers that your your sporty teen absolutely needs!

Deoderizer balls are a must-have for stinky shoes and gym bags. Anti-chafe balm will protect your teen’s skin without clogging pores. Biofreeze will help ease aching muscles. Lastly, Gatorade Chews will give them the extra energy they need to get through long practices.

For even more gift ideas for sporty kids, check out this article. They won’t all fit in a stocking, but there are lots of great ideas in there!

Gifts for a cause

When you buy a 4Ocean bracelet, you help a great cause. Each one that is purchased funds the removal of one pound of waste from the ocean.

Lokai bracelets also donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. Each bracelet is for a different organization, so choose one you think your teen would like to support. Some recent charities include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Pride movement and the Humane Society.

Stocking stuffers for new drivers

The Driving Book is small enough to easily fit in the glove compartment of the car and is chock full of useful information. Their tag line is “Everything that new drivers need to know but don’t know to ask”. The book covers changing a tire, driving in bad weather and many other scenarios your teen driver might face.

Some other useful items for new drivers include air fresheners, a phone holder, and a keychain. And of course, a dancing hula girl for the dashboard.

Personal care gifts

I’m a mean mom who has been know to slip some basic hygiene items in my kids’ stocking (they don’t call me the evil mommy for nothing) I mean, everyone could use toothpaste, deoderant and razors, right?

Personal care items can include so much more though – like bath bombs and shower steamers or hand sanitizers and fun masks.

If your teen is into hair and makeup, some other ideas are a wet brush, tweezers, makeup brushes, face masks, nail polish and lip gloss.

Most teen girls could also use a manicure set, a sleep mask, hair ties and scrunchies.

Stocking stuffers every teen would like

Burt’s Bees is argueably the best chapstickon the planet. I like this 4 pack because you can split it up if you have more than one kid.

Fidget toys and stress balls are hot ticket items this year. These frog stress balls with the beads inside are so cute that even I want them!

You can never go wrong with a phone case, small card games, touchscreen gloves or a bluetooth beanie.

Every teen could use a power strip and extra long charging cable. Or if they are always on the go, maybe they would prefer a portable charger?

Most teens would love a nice watch or jewelry, like these earrings. And then they will need a jewelry holder, like this one.

Everyone could use a classic pair of sunglasses.

Wrapping up the list, here are three last ideas: incense and a holder, fun socks and stickers for their water bottle or laptop.

Did you find a few stocking stuffers for your teen? I would love to hear what you liked from the list! Comment below and let me know!

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The ultimate list of the best stocking stuffers for teens

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