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131 fun things for teens to do this summer

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you should live life to its fullest every day that you can. And with the world beginning to open up, this summer bucket list for teens comes at the perfect time.

Of course, stay safe and take whatever precautions you need to, but have fun this summer too! If you are still staying home, check out this quarantine bucket list for teens instead. Everything on that list can be done from your house.

The best summer bucket list for teens of all time
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What is a bucket list?

By definition, a bucket list is a group of experiences or achievements that a person wants to accomplish during their lifetime. So this list compiles a ton of fun activities that teens can do in one summer to make it memorable.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, if you love helping others, nature, crafts or staying home – there is something for every type of teen on this list. Choose a few or try to do them all; the choice is yours!

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Summer bucket list ideas for teens who love nature



Participate in a guided tour for a new activity like horseback riding or white water rafting

Plant a garden

Start a compost pile

Volunteer at a state park

Enjoy a picnic


Sunbathe and swim at the local beach or lake

Fishing – at a lake, on the beach or deep sea fishing

Ideas for active teens

Roller skating is on the teen bucket list
Rollerblading is a great way to spend a summer day

Take a long bike ride

Tubing or kayaking

Try a new summertime sport, like golf, tennis or beach volleyball


Run a 5k or an obstacle race

Join a summer sports league

Roller skate or roller blade

Learn a new water sport like surfing, paddle boarding or water skiing

Things to make you feel like a little kid again

Catch fireflies and play flashlight tag

Fly a kite

Eat smores over a bonfire

Sleep under the stars on a trampoline or in a hammock or tent

Build a fort in the living room

Have a water balloon or water gun fight

Watch fireworks

Spend an afternoon laying in the grass and staring at the clouds

Summer bucket list ideas for lazy days

Plenty of options for a rainy day
Plenty of options for a rainy day

Read a book

Binge watch a series on Netflix or Hulu


Watch a complete saga, like Star Wars or Harry Potter

Play cards. Try solitaire, go fish or rummy


Watch your favorite childhood movie or cartoon

Jigsaw puzzles

Watch a classic movie, like Gone With The Wind or Casablanca

Things to do on rainy days

Take a virtual tour of a museum

Build a model car or plane from a kit

Map out your family tree

Try a science experiment

Listen to a podcast or start your own

Make a summer playlist

Have a spa day at home

Make your own ice cream

Play video games or challenge your friends to a tournament

Create TikTok videos or start a Youtube channel

Try a new food

Suduko, word searches or crossword puzzles

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

For crafty or artistic teens

Teens can tie dye clothes for pets too!
Teens can tie dye clothes for pets too!

Try a new hairstyle

Give yourself a henna tattoo

Make something you saw on Pinterest

Write poems or short stories


Tie dye a shirt

Learn to sew, knit or crochet

Try a craft kit

Draw or paint

Indoor activities

Trampoline park

Window shop at the mall

Indoor skydiving


Ice skating

Axe throwing

Escape rooms



Summer bucket list ideas that are just for fun

Get a slip n slide or baby pool

Eat from a food truck

Go berry picking

Visit a pool or waterpark

Have a blast at a carnival

Make homemade lemonade or sweet tea

Sleepovers with your friends

Watch the sunrise or sunset (or both)

Visit an amusement park

Go to the movie theater or find a drive in movie theater

Attend a professional baseball or soccer game.

Go karts

Act like a tourist in your own town

Visit the zoo

Spend a weekend with your grandparents or favorite aunt and uncle

Play paintball

Check out the local farmer’s market

Attend a music festival

Find local street fairs, comic cons or small town festivals

Play a round of mini golf

Take a road trip

Create a time capsule and bury it in the back yard

Check out a town you have never been to before

Have a photo shoot with your friends – get dressed up and do each other’s hair and make up

Activities to teach you life skills

Host a party or BBQ and plan it all out – the invites, food and entertainment

Deep clean your room or closet

Challenge your family or friends to a dessert or cooking competition

Use this time to learn a valuable skill
Use this time to learn a valuable skill

Teach the family pet a new trick

Make a goal or vision board

Ask your crush out on a date

Practice yoga or meditation daily

Redo your bedroom – move the furniture, paint, get new curtains or a bedspread

Turn off all your electronics for 24 hours

Learn to play a musical instrument

Cook dinner for your family

Learn to drive

Have a garage sale

Open a savings account and learn about compound interest

Get your first job or internship

Learn to make a gourmet coffee

Find a pen pal and write actual letters to each other

Host a fancy tea party complete with hats and finger sandwiches

Master driving a stick shift

Start a business – mow lawns, babysit or make things and sell them on Etsy

Learn to change a flat tire

Summer bucket list items for teens who like to help others

Offer to babysit for free

Volunteer on a political campaign

Be a camp counselor

Work at a animal shelter

Spend a day with your mom, dad or siblings. Let them plan the day and do whatever they want without complaining

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Organize a fundraiser for your favorite charity

Adopt a roadway and clean it up

Do 10 random acts of kindness

Volunteer at the local children’s hospital

Activities to get ahead in school

Take a college class

Write your college admission essays

Research potential colleges and arrange visits

Learn a foreign language

Study for the SAT or ACT

Participate in a summer reading program

Take an online computer coding course

Learn a new word every day

Do any summer homework for AP classes

Apply for scholarships

Keep the summer bucket list for teens going

Whew! That was a lot – over 130 summer bucket list ideas for teens – enough to keep you busy for many, many summers!

Did you find a few you liked? Do you have other ideas to add to the list? Comment below and let me know!

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131 fun things for teens to do this summer
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