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The Best April Fools Day Pranks To Play On Your Teenagers

April Fools Day is such a fun holiday! And playing April Fools Day pranks on your teenagers can be absolutely hilarious.

Let’s face it, raising teenagers can be tough and there are some days where it’s hard to find a reason to laugh. But having a teenager in the house on April Fools Day is a blessing!

This is your chance to get even for the eye-rolling and snarky attitudes. You can prank them, laugh in their face and claim that you were merely celebrating the holiday.

Seriously though, April Fools Day really is fun and an awesome opportunity for you to be creative. Plus, it will liven up your house – you never know if your teenager will laugh or throw a fit and the suspense only adds to the holiday.

Speaking of suspense, I personally love setting up a good joke and waiting for them to discover it. This year, I was trying to come up with some new tricks and thought I would share my findings with all of you.

But first, we need to cover some basic facts.

The history of April Fools Day

April Fools Day may have originated from the spring equinox
April Fools Day may have originated from the spring equinox

The exact start of April Fools Day is a mystery, but this article talks about some of the most common theories. Historians can’t agree on a particular event that sparked this holiday, but they can agree that it has been celebrated for centuries.

It could be linked to a calendar change, a Roman festival or the spring equinox. Regardless of how it began, the holiday has spread throughout the world and is widely celebrated.

Why you should celebrate April Fools Day

“Laughter is the best medicine” is not just a cute saying for coffee mugs. Scientific research has proven that laughter can boost immunity, reduce stress and relieve pain.

Some studies have even shown that laughter and a good sense of humor can help you live longer. Plus, laughter bonds people together. And parents of teenagers certainly need a reason to laugh.

The Do’s and Don’ts of April Fools Day

There are a couple of things to remember when pranking teenagers. First, don’t mess with their phone.

To a teenager, there is absolutely nothing funny about you touching their phone. Also, the chances of you being able to get it out of their hands are very slim. So just cross that one off your list.

Secondly, their clothes are off-limits too. You don’t want to destroy their designer duds, especially since you probably paid for them.

And finally, do the pranks at home, not out in public. Embarrassing a teenager in public is one of the worst things a parent can do.

Now that we have discussed the do’s and don’ts, check out the ultimate compilation of April Fools Day pranks for teenagers. Remember, there is no need to go overboard and attempt to do all of them. Pick one or two and have a blast!

April Fools Day pranks for teenagers involving food

Veggies in the donut box: A oldie, but a goodie. Pick up a dozen donuts, but then take out the donuts and replace them with fresh vegetables. Tape a sign to the inside of the lid that says, “April Fools!” Have the box sitting on the table when your kids come down for breakfast and they will be in for a big surprise!

If you want to take it one step further, get some of these fake donuts. When your teenagers ask what happened to the donuts, give them the fake ones on a plate. Then sit back and watch the expressions on their face as they bite into the plastic donuts.

Toothpaste Oreos: This April Fools Day prank requires a little extra work, but it is worth it. Buy a package of Oreo cookies and a tube of white toothpaste. Then, take apart some of the cookies and scrape out the cream filling. Replace the cream filling with toothpaste and serve your teenagers the cookies after school.

Brussel sprout cake pops: If your teenagers like cake pops better than Oreos, you can make fake cake pops using brussel sprouts. Spear the brussel sprout with the cake pop stick and then cover it in melted chocolate. Roll it in sprinkles and let the chocolate dry. Your teenagers will be shocked to discover that their tasty treat is a veggie in disguise!

Plastic bugs: This one is so simple! Buy some of these fake bugs and then bury one under the food on their dinner plate. Or make a casserole and have half a bug peeking out. Your teenagers will be amused and grossed out at the same time!

Bathroom April Fools Day pranks for teenagers

Mom in the toilet: Your teenagers are in for a surprise when they lift the toilet seat and see your face staring back at them! This prank is fun and simple. Just take a picture of yourself, smiling and waving. Print it out and then tape it to the underside of the toilet seat. It’s guaranteed to make them jump a little and hopefully laugh at the absurdity of it.

My favorite April Fools Day prank
This April Fools Day prank was my favorite

Fake poo: I don’t know about your kids, but anything involving poop is considered hilarious at my house. Grab this fake poo from Amazon and put it wherever you like . . . the bathroom, beside your teenager’s bed, on the kitchen floor . . . the possibilities are endless.

Non-lathering soap: Did you know that if you paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish, it won’t lather up in the shower? This is the perfect, easy, April Fools Day prank for teenagers!

Shampoo that won’t come out: If you are painting the soap, make sure to mess with the shampoo too! Take the top off the bottle, cover the opening with saran wrap and then put the top back on the bottle. Trim off the excess saran wrap and your teenager will be bewildered in the morning when the shampoo won’t come out of the bottle!

None-ripping toilet paper: Since your teenager will already be frustrated by the soap and shampoo, you might as well give them trick toilet paper too. This one is impossible to rip, no matter how hard they try.

Discolored water: Take a q-tip and dip it in food coloring. Then, rub the q-tip around the inside of the sink faucet. When your teenagers brush their teeth in the morning, the water will come out a funky color.

Other April Fools Day pranks for teenagers

Late for school: Wake your kids up at the normal time for school, but frantically tell them that they have ten minutes before the bus comes. Let them scramble around for a few minutes before you shout “April Fools!”

Brace face: When your teen comes home from school, tell them that the orthodontist called and said they need to keep their braces on for another two years.

Blown away: Sprinkle baby powder inside the hairdryer. When your teenager turns it on, the baby powder will come flying out on them.

The lottery scam: Casually scratch off one of these lottery tickets in front of your kids and then start screaming that you won. Keep up the ruse as long as you can!

Impossible money: Most teenagers love money and they never seem to have enough of it. Try superglueing some coins or paper money to the sidewalk in front of your house. Then casually point it out to your teens when you go outside and enjoy laughing at their efforts to pick it up.

Two more before the day is done

Balloon pillow: You have to get a couple more April Fools Day pranks in before the day is done. Try replacing your teenager’s pillow with a bunch of blown-up balloons and see how long it takes them to notice and figure out what wrong with it.

Short sheet the bed: This is another classic prank that is pretty simple to pull off. If you have never done this before, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to short sheet a bed.

If you have tried any of these April Fools Day pranks on your teenagers, please comment below and let us know how it went! Do you have another fun idea? Comment below to share with everyone!

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