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The 6 Types of Friends Every Mom Needs

Every mom needs her tribe of girlfriends. Life is simply easier when you have a group of friends to help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood, keep you entertained and make you feel like everything will be alright. Any friend is a treasure, but there are certain types of friends that every mom absolutely must have in her life to make it well rounded and keep it running smoothly. Read on for the six types of friends you should add to your tribe right now.

The six types of friends every mom needs

1. The super put together friend

Perfect Patty will help you get your life in order. Her house is clean (like “eat off the floors” clean) and smells good. She volunteers and is knowledgeable about politics and current events. She always seems calm and composed even though she has two or three kids herself. If you need help redecorating, have a tough problem or want to reorganize your pantry, Perfect Patty is your go-to girl.

2. The crafty friend

She is the one you turn to when your kid needs patches sewn on a Girl Scout uniform or you are supposed to make a costume for a school play. Crafty Carol will come to the rescue and make it better than you could have even imagined. She will do cute, holiday projects with your kids and teach them how to knit and make vases out of clay. For a mom like me, who can’t even sew on a button, having a crafty friend is invaluable.

3. The single friend

Single Susie could be a younger friend who has never been married or a newly divorced woman who is making up for lost time. She has the most entertaining dating stories and makes you appreciate your spouse so much more. She makes you feel young and sexy by constantly telling you what a catch you are and trying to get you to go out to the bars with her. Plus, it is super fun to steal her phone and swipe left and right for her.

4. The friend who knows everyone

Some of the types of friends every mom needs
Every mom needs a tribe of girlfriends.

This is the friend who has has connections everywhere. Need a plumber? Looking for a space for your daughter’s birthday party? Want someone killed and buried where no one will ever find them? Don’t worry, Social Sarah knows a guy who can handle it. She makes friends everywhere she goes and is a virtual rolodex. Everyone loves her and she will call in a favor for you anytime you need help.

5. The hot mess friend

Hot Mess Hannah makes you feel like an actual adult because compared to her, your life is flawless. She is the one who wears two different shoes to work, forgets to put on deodorant and is late for everything. But she is also wildly creative and non-judgmental, which makes her a necessity in your life. Plus, it gives you the chance to help another mom, which feels pretty darn good.

6. The friend you have known since childhood

She knows all your secrets and has met your crazy family members, but loves you anyway. Friend Forever Fiona taught you how to curl your hair just right and flirt with boys. She has nursed you through bad break ups and killer hangovers. Heck, she may have even introduced you to your spouse! If you have a friend like this, never let her go because she is a rare breed.

I know it’s hard to believe, but even moms need friends and having these types of women in your life will make it more fun and exciting. You can learn something from each one of these women and hopefully teach them something in return. If you need help making friends, check this out.

Do you think this covers all the types of friends every mom needs? Who did I miss? Feel free to leave a comment about the other types of friends every mom needs in her life!

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