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The 15 Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

The holidays are approaching quickly and some of my mom friends have started to panic about what are the best gifts for teenage girls this year.

“Will she like this or is it totally uncool?”

“What do you buy a kid who has everything?”

“What are the hot gifts this year?”

I consider myself lucky because my teenage daughter always provides me with a loooooonnnnngg list of things she would like. Of course, she doesn’t get everything on her wish list, but it gives me lots of options and makes shopping a breeze.

If you are stuck and have no idea what are the best gifts for teenage girls this year, keep reading for inspiration. These are the top fifteen gifts that (almost) every teenage girl will love. And the best part is that most of them are under $50!

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I know there are other lists out there with over one hundred options, but honestly, I get overwhelmed when I have that many. So I kept this list short on purpose so you would only see the absolute BEST gifts for teenage girls.

And to make sure we have all of our bases covered, I also have an article for you about the best gifts for teenage boys and stocking stuffers for teenagers. Make sure to check them out if you need more ideas or don’t find something here that you love.

As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you and of course, I only suggest items I would buy for my own teens.

Gifts for teenage girls’ feet

My daughter always has a few pairs of shoes on her wish list. The most popular shoes for teenage girls right now are Crocs and duck boots, but slippers are sure to please too!

Crocs are super comfy, trendy and come in a huge variety of colors. In the winter months, most teens prefer the lined ones to stay warm. I love these funky, tie-dyed ones!

Duck boots are practical, yet stylish, and perfect for the long winter ahead (if you live in a cold area). They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are our go-to shoes in my house during snow season.

I know many parents who give their kids a new pair of slippers every year. This pair is very popular and lots of teenagers even wear them to school (with the rugged bottom, they look like regular shoes)


I used to love getting jewelry as a holiday gift! It always made me feel so fancy and grown-up (Yes, I’m a total dork).

For my own daughter, I try to go with one classic piece and one trendy one. This year, for the classic piece, I’m giving her hoop earrings. They go with literally everything and are simple enough to wear every day.

The trendy piece of jewelry this year is going to be a monogram necklace. They are super hot amount teenage girls and come in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and prices.

Hair tools are fun gifts for teenage girls

We lovingly refer to this as the “sucky curling iron” in my house. Not because it does a bad job, but because it literally sucks up your hair and curls it for you. It’s fun to use and curls an entire head of hair in about ten minutes!

Himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps add a chill vibe to your teenage daughter’s room and may have therapeutic properties too. This one has adjustable brightness and can double as a nightlight.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are inexpensive and make excellent stocking stuffers. We’ve been purchasing this set for years and I can’t rave about it enough.

A hydroflask and stickers are great gifts for teenage girls

It seems like every teenage girl has a Hydroflask, but they still love getting another one in a fun, new color. And a Hydroflask is not complete without stickers to decorate it!

Phone case or airpod case

If your teenager is getting a new phone or AirPods for the holidays, make sure to add a case to your shopping list. Blingy phone cases seem to be a big hit with most teenage girls and this one will fit the latest iPhone.

Or if your daughter is begging for the AirPod Pros, check out this adorable case.

Charging station or portable charger

Of course, if you are buying all these new electronics, she is going to need a charging station or a portable charger.

This charging station can hold six different electronics at the same time and charges quickly.

If your teen is on the go all the time, maybe a portable charger would be a better fit for her. The sleek design of this one makes it easy to keep in a purse or bookbag.

A Bubble Tea Kit is one of the hottest gifts for teenage girls

Bubble tea is sweeping the nation and teenage girls are crazy for it! There are a few variations, but it is usually a cold drink made with tea, sweetened milk and tapioca balls.

What better way to let your teenager experience it than to make their own? This bubble tea kit comes with everything they need and makes 24 drinks in three flavors.

A classic coat or jacket

A new jacket is a functional gift, but this one is stylish too. Plus the North Face brand is popular with teens and it comes in a wide variety of colors.

Hair ties and scrunchies are great gifts for teenage girls

Can a girl ever have too many hair ties, clips or scrunchies?

I think I buy this pack of over one hundred hair ties every few months for my daughter and me. It must be one of the great mysteries of the world where all the hair ties have gone. Maybe they are living their best life in Bora Bora? Anyway, I digress – back to the gifts.

In case you haven’t heard, scrunchies are back in style. My daughter has this fifteen pack on her wish list this year. I love that there is one in every color, plus some pretty floral patterns.

A purse, laptop bag or funky bag

Why not upgrade your daughter and gift her a designer bag? Michael Kors bags are built to last and this crossbody is small enough for her to carry all the time.

Or maybe your daughter would prefer a new laptop bag? This one has a bunch of cute patterns and comes in two different sizes.

Give the gift of reading

My daughter loves to read so I always have a book or two under the tree for her. One of her favorite authors right now is John Green – check out The Fault In Our Stars or Turtles All The Way Down.

Support her hobby

What is your daughter’s hobby? Find out what she is interested in and then buy her something to support her hobby.

Is she a baker? Check out this cake decorating set!

An artist? Maybe she would like some watercolors or a drawing and sketching kit.

You get the idea, right? Support her passions and let her imagination soar.

Comfy leggings or sweats are the perfect gifts for teenage girls

Whether your daughter wants cozy sweats to curl up in or athletic leggings, clothing is always a hit. And there are so many options!

My daughter is a big fan of Nike joggers. They are fashionable, comfortable and she can work out in them. Triple win!

For leggings, Lululemon rules, but they are pricey. For a more affordable option, check out the leggings from CRZ Yoga. They come in over thirty different colors and have the coveted side phone pocket.

Wrap it up

Hopefully, you found the perfect gift for the teenage girl in your life and all that’s left to do is wrap it.

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them! Comment below and tell me what you are buying this year.

And remember to also check out the best gifts for teenage boys and the ultimate stocking stuffer list!

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