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Taco Taco – An enthralling story about tacos

Have you ever built something up so much in your head that it becomes an obsession? Are you in love with tacos? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you will enjoy the ridiculous Tale of Taco Taco.

My family and I visit Bethany Beach a few times a year. My in-laws have a house down there and we try to squeeze in a few weekend get-a-ways throughout the summer. Over the past few years, Taco Taco has become an obsession (and a running joke) among the five of us.

Taco Taco – Year One

Taco Taco is a small restaurant in Bethany Beach, Delaware. It looks like a little hole in the wall type of joint and we would never have even noticed it except it opened next to the our favorite ice cream place.

One night, we were on a post dinner ice cream run and my husband spotted it. Unfortunately, it was closed for the evening.

“Oh cool, there’s a taco place. We should check that out!” my husband said.

“Sure. Sounds good. Let’s go for lunch tomorrow.” I replied.

“I bet it’s good,” he said. “It looks like a total dive and you know those places are always the best.”

I agreed and we decided to eat there the next day. Side note: we are obviously obsessed with food in general. I mean, who plans their next meal while they are eating ice cream?? Anyway, back to the story.

Of course, the next day, we were at the beach for hours. By the time we went back to house, got cleaned up and headed over there for dinner, the restaurant was closed for the night.

The kids were a little disappointed, but I assured them we would get to try it soon. “That’s ok guys! We’ll check it out tomorrow!” I said.

But in typical fashion, we forgot about it. We spent the day at the pool and then headed home the next evening.

My youngest reminded us on the drive home, “Darn! We forgot to get tacos!”

“No worries, bud. We’ll go next time.” I replied. Unfortunately, life got crazy and we never made it back to Bethany Beach that year.

Anytime we talked about the beach that fall, someone would bring up Taco Taco and say, “We definitely need to go there next year!” And thus began the obsession.

Year Two

Picture of the Taco Taco menu
Picture of the Taco Taco menu

Over the winter, we talked to my in-laws about Taco Taco. They are in Bethany Beach almost every weekend and hadn’t tried it yet either. My husband and I were really pumping them up, saying that the place looked like it would be great and that we should all go for lunch.

I have no idea why we thought these would would the single best tacos of our lives, but that is the idea that was burned in our heads. We dreamed of warm weather, cold beers and tacos all winter long.

The next beach trip, we were determined to get to Taco Taco. We made honest to goodness PLANS to go there for lunch. Everyone was ready to go, excited and waiting to tear up some tacos. We drove to the shack, dreaming of tacos, our mouths pre-salivating, only to find that it was (yup, you guessed it) closed. Apparently, the restaurant was closed on Sundays. Womp womp.

The summer progressed and we visited the beach a few more times. Every time, we tried to go to Taco Taco, they were closed. Closed for lunch, closed because it was 4th of July or closed on Mondays. We became more and more determined to taste these tacos that must be out of this world good. Like maybe these tacos could cure cancer or make dogs talk.

You know how when you can’t have something, you want it even more? That is what happened with Taco Taco. Because we were rejected time after time, we became obsessed with going there. We built up this silly taco stand to be the best tacos in the world that we absolutely must try at some point in our lives or we could quite possibly die.

Year Three

The first beach trip of the year arrived and we were hell bent on trying Taco Taco. I looked it up online to make sure we knew the hours it was open. We planned an entire day around it – going to the pool and leaving in plenty of time to get showers and head there for dinner.

We headed out in glee, ready to FINALLY get a taste of these amazing, life saving tacos. My husband was driving and I was playing on my phone, not really paying attention when I heard him say, “Wait. Wasn’t that it?”

I looked up and said, “Wasn’t what it?”

He replied, “Taco Taco. Isn’t that where it was? It’s closed.”

“No way” I said. “I just looked it up online last night. Maybe they moved. Let me google it and check the address.”

So I pulled it up on my phone, along with the directions, which led us back to the deserted Taco Taco. It was in fact, permanently closed. The store had been cleaned out.

I swear I thought my husband was going to cry or burn the place down. To his credit, he simply said, “Screw Taco Taco” and pulled away.

We ended up at The Salted Rim for dinner, which I highly recommend. The also have tacos and we got to eat in a train car from World War I, which was pretty cool.

David & Riley at The Salted Rim
David & Riley at The Salted Rim

If the owners of Taco Taco are reading this, please note that my family and I would love to come over for dinner one night. We’ll bring beer and dessert; you supply the tacos.

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  1. We go to Bethany Beach every other summer and have plans to return this August. Two summers ago we discovered Taco Taco and ate there for dinner. I had the best taco I ever ate in my life and have dreamt of that taco ever since!! So I was just trying to figure out what the name of that joint was and I stumbled on your blog. Taco taco is the place, and I’m so sad to learn of their closing and so sad you never got to experience how good they in fact were. Although you luckily don’t know what you’re missing. I am truly sad and need a taco!

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