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How To Stay Sane While Raising Teenagers

The teenage years can be very turbulent. It’s easy to lose your sanity while navigating all the ups and downs of parenting a teenager. The hormones, the attitudes, the eye rolls and excessive sighing . . they all take a toll on your mental health.

So what can you do to stay in your zen zone and not lose your mind? How can you function while raising teenagers? What methods will help you to keep your cool and maintain your relationship with your teen?

Here are some simple, useful tips to ensure you stay sane while raising teenagers. Feel free to use one or all of them. And stay strong momma, because these years will be over before you know it.

Self love will help you stay sane while raising teenagers

Practice self love to stay sane
Practice self love to stay sane

Take that how you want and devote as much or as little time as you can to self love. But promise me that you will do something for yourself.

Maybe you need a bubble bath with wine, candles and a juicy novel. Or your idea of self love might be walking the dog or going to zumba. Maybe you just want to go grocery shopping by yourself or make someone else drive the carpool this week.

Whatever your idea of self love is, run with it. Take a few moments each day to take care of yourself. Because when your well runs dry, you are more likely to snap and lose your mind over the little things.

It’s so much easier to handle teen drama when you feel refreshed. Plus, those few moments may give you a fresh perspective into your teen’s mind.

Find your tribe

Find your mom tribe
Find your mom tribe

No one will ever understand the joys of raising a teenager as well as another mom of a teenager. And sometimes, you need someone to commiserate with and swap horror stories.

Also, being in touch with other moms of teenagers makes you feel normal. We all have the same struggles, but people do not talk about them openly. However, get a group of moms together over coffee or wine and the stories start to flow.

I promise, your kid is not the only one who has fifty cups in their room or is permanently attached to their phone. Find yourself some mom friends and keep in touch with them regularly to help you appreciate your situation.

Laughing every day will keep you sane while raising teenagers

Have you ever heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”? Well, it’s true. Laughing eases pain, increases health, lightens the mood and restores connections between people.

Go back and read that last bit again . . . laughing restores connections between people. Use this to your advantage and try to laugh every day with your teenagers.

Appreciate their sense of humor. Laugh at your teenagers’ jokes and silly stories about school and their friends. Watch funny movies with them.

A good belly laugh will definitely help you stay sane while raising teenagers. So find the humor in every situation that you possibly can.

Deep breaths

Breathe before reacting
Breathe before reacting

Try to remember that they are young and dumb. That could be putting it bluntly, but you get the idea.

Their little teenage brains are not fully developed and in their minds, they are always right and not afraid to tell you about it. Teenagers have huge amounts of confidence and very little actual knowledge to back it up.

The good news is that they will eventually mature and one day, will be your friend. For the moment, take a few deep breathes and wait 10 seconds before you respond.

Choose your battles if you want to stay sane while raising teenagers

Not everything is worth fighting about. Learn to stand your ground on the really important issues and let your teenager feel like they have won on other issues.

For example, my kids absolutely must wear a seat belt in a car. It doesn’t matter how far they are driving, who they are with or what kind of car it is. The seat belt rule is non-negotiable.

I would like my kids to make their bed every day, but this is an issue I would let slide if it was causing arguments. Is it really worth me screaming, getting worked up and stressed out about? Will not making their bed harm them or anyone else in any way? No? Then let them think they have won the battle on this small, insignificant issue.

Remember how much you love them

If you look past the smelly feet, messy rooms and snarky attitudes, teenagers aren’t that bad. You just have to remember that your precious, little angel is in there somewhere.

In a few years, they are going to develop into the most wonderful, intelligent, mature human beings. But until that happens, you must constantly remind yourself how much you love them.

Also, try to focus on the good things. Appreciate their unique talents (and technological skills) that they possess. Savor the moments when they want to be with you and are acting like reasonable people. Hopefully, that will be enough to get you through the bad times.

Run Away

A little break will help you stay sane while raising teenagers
A little break will clear your mind

When all else fails, drop the little darlings off at grandmom’s house and run away for the weekend. It can be a girls night or a romantic getaway, but absolutely no kids are allowed to go with you.

Sometimes you need to be something other than a mom for a few days to reset your mind. And chances are good that 24 hours in, you will miss them like crazy.

To summarize, breathe, laugh, find friends and take care of yourself. It’s not easy, but neither was raising toddlers and we survived that, right?

I would love to hear any other tips you have for staying sane while raising teenagers! Comment below or email me with your ideas!

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How to raise teenagers without losing your mind
How to raise teenagers without losing your mind
How to stay sane while raising teenagers
How to stay sane while raising teenagers

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