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Release Your Inner Evil Mommy

Sometimes, people come to my blog and get a little confused. “Evil Mommy? What does that mean? Do you beat your kids or something?” To answer the question, no, I don’t beat my kids, but I am strict and have high expectations for them.

Being The Evil Mommy is a funny way to explain that I am a tough mom. My goal with this mommying thing is to raise self sufficient people who are respectful and intelligent. And if you are a mom, then you probably already know that sometimes, you have to get firm to get the message across to your kids.

Evil Mommy started as a funny hashtag and it became a nickname that has stuck with me for many years. But the thing is, so many women have told me that they love my evil ideas, my chore charts and my creative punishments. They tell me that they wish they could get their kids to behave like mine or do well in school. And when they say this, I always reply, “You can. They will. You just have to stick with it.”

I think everyone has a little bit of an Evil Mommy inside of them and we should be encouraging moms to want what is best for their kids and not necessarily doing what is easy. Being a mom is not about choosing the path of least resistance; it is about raising the next generation.

Are you an evil mommy?

So how can you tell if there is an Evil Mommy inside of you just waiting to be set free? Ask yourself these questions.

Do you want to raise good kids? Or would you rather visit various prisons for the rest of your life? Ok, that may be a bit harsh, but you get the point. You probably understand my parenting style now too because that is exactly how I talk to my kids. Blunt, but truthful.

I’m guessing that if you are the type of mom who takes time out of her day to read parenting articles, then you are trying to be a good mom and raise happy, well adjusted, non-criminals. So don’t be afraid to be the mom!

Are you in charge or are you letting the kids run the show? When you tell your kids to do something, are you following up to make sure they did it? If you say it is time to turn off the electronics, are you sticking with it or caving as soon as they plead for a few more minutes? It’s so easy to give in on little things, but those little things start to pile up and then the kids think they can do whatever they want. If you set the pattern of giving in, of course that is what your kids will expect every time you tell them to do something.

Are you trying to be their friend or their mom? Your kids already have friends and no offense, but they are most likely morons. They give bad advice and encourage your kids to do dumb things. Do you want to be like that or do you want to be their mom? You can have fun and be friendly with your kids, but at the end of the day, you are not their friend. You are the mom and the mom calls the shots.

Yes, there will be days that your kids don’t like you very much, but they will always love you. One day, when you have raised them to be wonderful, mature, kind adults, you can be friends with them. Until that day, you have to be their mom

Are you concerned with what other people think? If you have ever dragged a screaming child from a store, I would say there is an Evil Mommy inside of you. Again, it’s so much easier to try and placate your kids, to try and make them quiet down in public so you won’t be embarrassed. An Evil Mommy doesn’t care what other people think of her and her parenting style. She is only concerned with doing what is best for her child in the long run.

Do you expect your children to be respectful to you and others? I tell my kids all the time, “My name isn’t bro or dude. You can call me mom.” I expect them to address me correctly and use words like please and thank you, not only with me, but with everyone they encounter.

Teaching your kids basic manners will help them later in life. And we all know that instilling manners in them is something that must be taught again and again. And then practiced at home and worked on in public a nd then practiced some more for the next ten years.

Do your kids tell you that none of the other moms are as strict as you? If so, good for you, momma! You are on the right track! I bet your kids are going to be infinitely more awesome than those other kids!

Do you have high, but reasonable, expectations? If you know that your child should be getting A’s in school, then B’s are not acceptable. It doesn’t matter that a B is still a good grade. This is about knowing your child and what they are capable of doing. If they are getting B’s because that is the best they can do, then yes, they should be praised. If they are getting B’s because they are lazy, then I would push them harder. Make sense?

And that’s the list! If you want more ways to tell if you are evil mommy, check this out! I hope you summoned your inner Evil Mommy and invited her to join you on this crazy, parenting journey.

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