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The Order Out Of Chaos Planner is a game-changer

With the school year quickly approaching, an academic planner is a must-have on every school shopping list. I know this school year might look a little different for some kids (hello online and hybrid learning), but that makes it even more important to have a good system for keeping track of everything. That is where the Order Out Of Chaos Planner can be a game-changer for your teen.

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If your teen has tried ordinary planners in the past, be prepared to be blown away. The Order Out Of Chaos Planner is so much more than just a planner or a running to-do list. It is intended to teach teens about time management, help them take charge of their lives and organize their schedules.

Order Out Of Chaos Planner
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Who is behind The Order Out of Chaos Planner?

Leslie Josel is the founder of the Order Out Of Chaos planner. She designed it to help her son, who has ADHD, but quickly realized that other parents could benefit from it too. Leslie’s desire to aid her son with organization and time management skills blossomed into a career and has helped thousands of other kids and their parents.

These days, Leslie travels the world speaking on topics facing parents and their students. Her third book— How To Do It Now – is all about procrastination in students and is available on October 6th. She also writes the weekly Dear ADHD Family Coach column for ADDitude Magazine).

How to use the planner

The Order Out Of Chaos Planner has lots of helpful tips
So many helpful tips

The tagline for the Order Out Of Chaos Planner is “You Need To SEE Time To Learn How To Manage It”. In addition to laying out the planner so it is easy to “see time” there are also lots of tips and tricks provided.

The planner itself has a whole page of ideas on how to best utilize it. There are also a couple of videos if your teen needs a visual explanation.

One is a quick, two minute cartoon overview. The second video features Leslie and is much more in-depth. These videos will also give you a great summary of the planner if you are still on the fence about trying it.

The Layout of The Order Out Of Chaos Planner

The layout of the Order Out of Chaos Planner is one of my favorite things about it. The patented design is streamlined and the planner recently won the 2020 National Calendar Award for best children’s planner, which is the highest honor in the industry.

The cover is made of vinyl to keep it looking nice. We have all seen planners that rip within a month of buying them. This one will look fresh all year and comes in a variety of colors.

Next, the planner actually encompasses the school year, not the calendar year. This is great because teens can use the same planner for the entire school year instead of having to switch to a new one in January.

It even has a “school year at a glance” page. This really helps your teen see the big picture. They can mark off breaks from school and see the whole semester at once.

Monthly View

The Order Out Of Chaos Planner has a monthly view on one page, plus another whole page to write down monthly projects and assignments. It gives your teen plenty of space to plan out big projects so they won’t be scrambling at the last minute.

The planner also includes a “project planning guide” to keep your teen on track with their big assignments. The project planning guide helps them break big assignments into manageable pieces and not get overwhelmed. The best part is that your teen can download extra copies of the project planning guide for free.

Weekly View

There is also a weekly view page for your teen to focus on daily assignments. All of their classes can be written on a pop-out tab on the side so they can always see them. The assignments for each class can be written on the weekly view.

Again, there is plenty of space to write down everything your teen has to do each day, plus a box to check it off when it is done.

After School

According to Leslie, the after school block is key to learning about time management. It allows your teen to see the week at a glance and easily find blocks of free time. They can tell which days are jam-packed with sports and clubs and which days they have more free time for extra studying and working on projects.

As Leslie says, “If they can’t see their time, they can’t learn to manage it“.

Don’t forget the accessory pack

The stickers from the accessory pack
Fun stickers!

The Order out Of Chaos Planner is great and completely functional by itself, but the accessory pack takes it to the next level.

It comes with a page marker, the monthly tabs and over 190 stickers. The stickers say things like “party, test, appointment and no school”. They also include check marks, smiley faces and stars.

A teens’s thoughts on the Order Out Of Chaos Planner

We all know the true test of any product is feedback from the target audience, right? I gave the Order out Of Chaos Planner to my thirteen year old daughter and asked her to use it for a couple of weeks and give me feedback.

She is not in school right now, but she still found it extremely helpful to map out sports practices and other things she wants to get done this summer. She loved that it was easy to see everything at a glance and that the boxes had plenty of space to write in.

Like a typical teenage girl, one of her favorite things was the stickers that came with it (this is from the accessories pack). She thought it made the planning process fun and gave the planner a playfully look.

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