I See You Momma And You Are Not Alone

I see you momma. I know how tired you are and how alone you feel. But you are not. There are a million other moms, just like you. Wondering if they are doing it right. Scared that they are messing up their children. Afraid that they are not there enough for their kids, physically or mentally.

The secret dream for momma
The secret dream

I see you momma. I know that some days are almost impossible. I know that you secretly google plane tickets to Europe and dream about castles and rollings hills. But let me tell you what else I know. I know that you would never pack up and leave because you love those kids more than you love life itself.

I see you momma. It may look like everyone else has it figured out, but they don’t. The other moms are just as confused and insecure as you. You are not alone, I promise. Everyone is faking it, just like you.

momma drinking wine
Time for wine

I see you momma. I know that sometimes you have an extra cookie or glass of wine to treat yourself. And then you worry that you are masking your emotions. Which leads to you thinking that you should do more self care and try yoga instead of cupcakes. It’s normal and we all do it.

I see you momma. I know you dread helping with homework or school projects. I know you worry about your kid’s grades and if they are falling behind. I know you detest the Parent Teacher Association, but you volunteer anyway.

I see you momma. I know that waking up early on Saturday for sports games is not fun for you. I know that running the carpool full of loud, stinky kids is the last thing you want to do.

Want to know what else I see? I see a mom who would do anything, literally anything, to keep her children happy and safe. I see a woman who sacrifices her own needs for her children’s every single day. I see a woman who will work two jobs or sell things around the house to pay for cheer camp.

On your darkest day, you are still an absolute bad ass. And I see you momma.

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