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I Am A Fat Pig and Other Fun Things the Voice In Your Head Says

I am a fat pig. How many times have you said that to yourself in the past week? Or some variation of that? Maybe your inner voice says things like, “I have no self control”. Or maybe it chants “I will never be thin and it’s all my fault because I eat like this”

The mean girl in my head has been relentless this week and honestly, I’m getting a little tired of her. “You are ruining everything.” “Only fat girls eat like that.” “You will never be skinny.”

Halloween brings out the fat pig

Halloween is such a fun holiday, but the aftermath kills me every year. There is a huge bowl of candy sitting in my house and I’m home alone with it all day. My kids eat a piece of candy each day. One piece only because I’m trying to be a good mom. This means that the Halloween candy will last for approximately three years. 

This year, I tried to be proactive by hiding it in the pantry. However, the fat girl in my brain knows it is there and makes fifteen trips to the kitchen every day under the guise of “getting a glass of water”. Like a dog, I can sniff out chocolate from a mile away. And somehow, a piece of candy always mysteriously jumps into my mouth. And then the self loathing begins. 

Remember, I had weight loss surgery in April. So I put myself and my family through this arduous process and yet, I still struggle daily to stay on track. Unfortunately, the inner voice isn’t helping with all the negative smack talk. 

What does your inner voice say to you?

Maybe the voice in your head doesn’t talk about your weight. Maybe your inner mean girl says things like, “You are stupid”. “You are a slut”. “Your friends don’t really like you”. “You shouldn’t even try that because you know you will fail.” 

Why are we always our own harshest critic? We could have a team of people cheering for us, saying wonderful things about us and reassuring us that we are perfect and yet, there is always a small nugget of self doubt.

Why can’t we talk to ourselves like we talk to our friends? If you were out with your girlfriends and some other women tried to talk to her that way, you would end up in a bar fight defending your friend. Maybe we should try to use that tactic on ourselves. 

Next time the voice in your head tries to tell you something negative, take a deep breath and picture yourself punching that bitch in the throat. Tell her to shut up, keep your head high and remember just how awesome you are. 

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