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How to discover a life lesson from an ugly taco cat hoodie

My third child has always been laid back with swagger and a “screw what everyone else thinks attitude.” He certainly didn’t get these personality traits from me, but I can appreciate them nonetheless.

As he was aimlessly searching Amazon this year to make a Christmas list, he stumbled across a taco cat hoodie and fell in love with it. The garish colors and philosophical kitties on the hoodie mean it can be seen coming from a mile away. He gleefully added it to his wish list without a second thought.

When I saw it, I wrinkled my nose and asked him why he wanted it. He replied, “I just like it.

Taco cat hoodie
The hoodie in question

Of course, someone bought it for him because they thought it was a joke. No one could possibly want a strange, taco cat hoodie for real, right?

Except, he DID want it for real and he wears it almost every day. We have to remind him after two or three days that it needs to be washed occasionally and he begrudgingly takes it off, only to put it back on as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

For the first day back to school after Christmas break, he proudly put on the taco cat hoodie so he could show it off to his friends.

In a typical, snotty, pre-teen voice, my daughter said, “You are not actually going to wear that thing to school, are you?” and my son replied, “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?

At dinner that night, I asked him, “So what did everyone think of your hoodie?” and he nonchalantly replied, “They liked it.

No one thought it was strange or ugly?” I asked.

He gave me an exasperated look and said, “No. Why would they?

The Taco Cat Hoodie Truth Bomb

And that is when the thunderbolt of truth/life lesson hit me. How can my eleven year old possess such self-confidence? Who are we to try and tell him to not wear something because we don’t like it?

Why can’t we all proudly wear taco cat hoodies every day? Why do we spend so much time worrying about what other people think and not enough time doing what we like?

Another unusual hoodie
Are cowboy cats riding sharks more your style?

I get it, taco cats might not be your thing, but I’m willing to wager that there is something in your life that you cover up in fear of what other people think.

Confession time; for me, it’s relaxing. I worry so much about what people will think of me if I take a day off to binge-watch Netflix or read a book and the truth is, no one would even notice or care.

We build up things in our minds and think we know how other people will react, when in reality, we should just try it and see what happens.

So the next time you see a taco cat hoodie, I want you to try it on and see how it makes you feel. Does it give you swagger and self confidence?

Then wear it proudly, my friend. Take those kitties with you everywhere and don’t give a damn what other people think.

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What you can learn from a taco cat hoodie

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