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Finding the Perfect Gifts for Virgos

Virgo season is upon us! This means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect birthday gifts for all the Virgos in your life.

This astrological sign is notoriously picky and difficult to please, so finding the right present can be a chore. But never fear, I’m here to help!

As a fellow Virgo with high standards, I have found seven gifts that are guaranteed to please and three that you should avoid at all costs. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a Virgo, look no further.

1. A Classic Coach Purse

Virgos love Coach bags
Virgos love Coach bags

There are some important details here that you should follow. You can’t just run out and buy any purse.

First, it needs to be a classic style, like this one. Nothing slouchy or unstructured because that looks sloppy to a Virgo. Backpacks are also a no-go.

Next, it should be a solid color that works with everything, like black.

Lastly, it should be Coach. Michael Kors is trendy. Kate Spade is a little funky. Coach has been around forever, is made well and lasts a long time, all of which will appeal to a Virgo.

A Tea Pot and Cup

Perfect gift
Perfect gift

It might not be your cup of tea (see what I did there), but the Virgo in your life will love this set. Make sure you choose one with clean lines – no cluttered patterns for a Virgo!

If you want to add a little extra to the set, you could buy some tea bags, loose tea, a strainer or honey sticks to complete the package.

I have one of these myself and it makes me feel fancy and put together, which is basically what a Virgo strives for on a daily basis.

A bar necklace

A simple bar necklace
A simple bar necklace

It can be difficult to choose jewelry for someone, but this simple necklace is sure to please. It has a streamlined design and comes in silver, gold or rose gold.

Remember, Virgos are all about classic beauty. So if you go out on a limb and choose a different piece of jewelry, look for simple, clean lines and quality craftsmanship. Do not choose anything too flashy or colorful. Instead, look for pieces that can be worn with anything.

An experience can be a fun gift for a Virgo

If you would prefer to take your favorite Virgo out on the town, stick to the concept of refined elegance. Tickets to an opera or a gourmet meal at a local restaurant would be a big hit.

Virgos demand excellence though, so make sure the restaurant you choose has great reviews and service.

A little pampering

You can never go wrong with a massage, manicure (Virgos are know for their beautiful nails), pedicure or salon blowout.

Virgos can be on the vain side, so helping them indulge themselves is sure to go over well. Plus, they are generally high strung and could probably use a little downtime.

Organizers are epic gifts for Virgos

Organizing can be fun
Organizing can be fun

I know, if you are not a Virgo, you are probably thinking, “Who the heck wants to organize things for their birthday?” Well, your detail oriented friend thinks organizing is fun!

Virgos love gifts like this
Virgos love gifts like this

These canisters are great because they come in different sizes and you can easily change the writing on the labels. Virgos will love filling them up and displaying them in their pantry

And this bathroom organizer turns 360 degrees and features seven levels. It has plenty of space for all their bathroom essentials, is practical and useful (things that Virgos love).

A label maker

Label all the things!
Label all the things!

Your Virgo friends will have a blast labeling everything in their home and office. This is a great one because it is easy to use and can store templates.

The possibilities are endless; they can label crafts, the kitchen, their closet, maybe even you if you stand still long enough!

Three gifts for Virgos that you should avoid

A house cleaning service may be heavenly for some people, but not for a Virgo. Few people live up to a Virgo’s standards. If the house is not 100% immaculate, your Virgo friend will not be happy and will end up redoing the work anyway.

Anything loud. Most of the Virgos I know prefer quiet and solitude. Tickets to rock concerts might be great for some people, but not your Virgo friends.

Messy gifts. Presents that can potentially leave a mess are a big no-no. Stick to the golden rule of clean and uncluttered.

If you are still shaking your head and trying to figure out this gift guide, check out this article about Virgo traits and tendencies. It will give you some insight into their personality and help you understand how in the world a label maker can be a good gift.

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Virgo Gift Guide
Virgo Gift Guide
Virgo Gift Guide
Virgo Gift Guide
Gifts that Virgos will love
Gifts that Virgos will love

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