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Coping With Teenage Mood Swings

The teenage years are full of growth, exploration, learning and . . . mood swings. Practically overnight, it seems like your sweet little angel turned into a raging know it all. The smallest comment or piece of advice from you is enough to spark a war. And if you are anything like me, it might leave you flabbergasted and unsure how you should be coping with teenage mood swings.

What causes mood swings?

According to, there are two main reasons for the wild mood swings in teenagers. You can blame it on the raging hormones and a need for independence.

There are many hormonal changes during puberty, which leads to unbalances in teenagers. They can go from happy and talkative to sullen and withdrawn in a matter of minutes. It’s frustrating for parents, but completely normal.

Teenagers are also going through a period of self discovery and growth. Over the course of trying to discover who they are and where they fit in, they may “try on” several personalities.

Options for coping with teenager mood swings

Of course, you could always show your authority and scream at your children. It might shut down the behavior right now, but most likely won’t fix it in the long run.

Or you could let your teenager walk all over you. Allow them to run the household and terrorize you and the rest of the family. This probably won’t end well either.

So what are you supposed to do? How do you gently guide your child through adolescence without killing them or losing your sanity in the process?

Coping with teenager mood swings can be challenging
Teenager’s moods can swing wildy

Realistic method for coping with teenager mood swings

The best coping mechanism I have found so far is listening. Just keeping my mouth shut and listening.

Usually, my children want to tell me the story and vent a little about the situation. If I interject or offer advice, they assume I am not hearing what they are saying.

So instead, I give them my complete attention and let them rant for a few minutes. Once they have gotten a little steam out, I can ask a question or two to help guide them toward a resolution.

And sometimes, it’s not even a problem that needs a solution. Maybe they stepped in a puddle and their life was ruined. Or their best friend was absent from school and they were bored to tears all day. It seems ridiculous to us, but when your hormones and emotions are on a roller coaster ride, those types of situations can be a big deal.

So I try to respect their feelings and allow them a safe space to get it out. Usually the best place to let them talk is in the car when they are literally trapped with me. There is something about the kids not having to look me in the eyes that allows them to ramble on and tell me more than they normally would.

Trust me, I still get the eye rolls and heavy sighs, along with the “You don’t get it.” But I have found that if I let them get it out of their system, my sweet child that I used to know can start to make an appearance again.

I would love to know what methods you have used for coping with teenage mood swings! Comment below to share.

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Surviving teen and tween mood swings
Coping with crazy teenage mood swings

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