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Easy Checklist For Sleepovers and Overnights

I’m going away this weekend for my very first blogging conference (eeek!) Luckily, my parents are watching the kids, which they have done a million times before. Knowing what a list-lover I am, you think I would have made a packing checklist for sleepovers years ago.

But it’s time for me to confess; I am such a control freak that I normally help them pack for weekends away.

I know, I know, shame on me . . . why don’t I teach them to be more independent . . give them life skills . . blah, blah, blah.

You can stop shaming me now. I can recognize that my kids are growing up and I need to take a step back. Now that two of the three are teenagers and the baby is about to turn 12, I figure it is time to give them more independence.

Teach your teens how to pack
Teach your teens how to pack

However, if left to their own devices, I’m fairly certain at least one would forget underwear, one would pack winter boots when it is 80 degrees outside and one would try to sneak the hermit crab in his suitcase.

So how can an overbearing momma make sure they pack appropriately? Cue the drumroll please . . . a checklist!

If you have been following this blog, you know that checklists and to do lists are my jam. They give me a little thrill and I love sharing them with other people.

So I created a special checklist just for tweens and teens. This works great for sleepovers with their friends, weekends away with the family or spending time at a relative’s house.

And of course, I’m sharing the checklist for sleepovers with you too! The answers to the most common questions, as well as the link to grab your copy, is below.

How can I get a copy of the checklist for sleepovers?

It’s simple – just click HERE and I’ll send it to you! The checklist for sleepovers is totally free and you can save it to your computer and use it over and over again.

You are more than welcome to share this article with your friends so they can grab it too! Let’s see how many moms we can help with this checklist!

How should I use it?

When your teen is packing for an overnight stay, print out a copy of the checklist for sleepovers and give it to them. Your child can use it as a guide while they are packing.

When they are finished, you can go over it together to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Or if you feel comfortable and trust your teen, you don’t even have to check it. Everything is on there, so they should be all set as long as they checked everything off the list.

What is the point of the checklist for sleepovers?

The checklist for sleepovers gives you more free time because you no longer have to pack your kids (or help them pack) for overnights! Plus, it gives your children more independence and teaches them an important life skill.

Is it only for tweens and teens?

No, you can use the checklist with kids of any ages. Younger children may need more help and supervision with it though. Even some adults could benefit from using the checklist!

What is my child doesn’t wear glasses or a retainer?

You can easily cross off those lines or even replace them with something else.

What if my child is packing for more than one night?

Packing for sleepovers can be easy
Packing for sleepovers can be easy

The checklist for sleepovers has got you covered! The clothing line has a blank space to fill in the number of days. Personally, I always add one day so they have an extra outfit in case they get messy.

Alternatively, you could write “x’s 2” (or however many days you need them to cover) after any line. For example, “Socks” is already on the checklist, but you could write in “x’s 3” after it to let your child know to pack 3 pairs of socks.

What is the “Other” line for on the checklist for sleepovers?

This line is for weather dependent things. In the summer, your teens may need to bring bathing suits or sunscreen. In the winter, you might want them to pack a coat, hat or gloves.

The “other” line is left black so you can fill it in with whatever you like. This is also a great spot to put things that are specific to your child, like a particular blanket or book.

What if I have other questions about the checklist for sleepovers?

Feel free to comment below or contact me directly with any other questions. I read and reply to all my emails personally and would love to hear from you! I hope the checklist for sleepovers is helpful for you and I would love to hear your feedback!

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Free sleepover checklist
Free sleepover checklist
Printable checklist for sleepovers
Printable checklist for sleepovers

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