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8 Simple Steps To Succeed in Direct Sales

Direct sales can be a tough job and there is no manual that tells you exactly how to succeed. You join a company because you love the products and you see others having great success and making tons of money.

However, you quickly discover that direct sales is not a get rich quick scheme. Your friends and family won’t book a party or buy any products, the people who actually respond to your messages tell you no and frustration starts setting in.

Believe me, I understand. I have over ten years experience in direct sales and have been rejected thousands of times. However, I have managed to build a thriving business, have helped hundreds of other women start their own businesses and make close to six figures while staying at home with my children. Before you throw in the towel and give up on what could potentially be a lucrative career, read through this list to see if there is something else you could try.

1. If you truly want to succeed in direct sales, you need to give it more time

Give your direct sales business time to succeed.
It takes time to succeed.

Most people quit within six months of starting their business. Think about that for a minute. If someone opened a boutique in your town and then closed down in five months, wouldn’t you think they were crazy? It takes more than five months to start a business, right? The same is true in direct sales.

You might not have a physical store, but you are still opening a business and you have to give it time. Anything that you do today will pay off in thirty to ninety days.

People need time to absorb your message and they need to see it multiple times before it really sinks in. Give your marketing a chance to take root and start to grow. However, this does not mean that you can try one thing and then let off the gas, which leads me to number two . . .

2. Hustle harder

Successful businesses don’t just happen. People who have found success in direct sales didn’t just get lucky. I promise you, they had to work for it. Can you honestly say that you have given everything you had (and then some)?

There are many wonderful perks to owning your own business, but the downside is that you WILL work every day, at least in the beginning, if you want to succeed. This doesn’t mean putting in twenty hour days, but you do have to touch your business every single day. When you are tired and ready to stop for the day, work for another twenty minutes. It will add up and it will make a difference. 

3. Attend every training and meeting

Go to direct sales meetings
Take advantage of the trainings

If you are given the opportunity to learn more about the products or the business, take it. Arrange for a babysitter, find a carpool so you don’t have to drive alone, but do whatever it takes to get there.

Be open to traveling a couple of hours from your home to see other trainers in the company. Sometimes you just need to hear the same message from a different person.

If there are conference calls, zoom calls or webinars, that is even better because you can learn from home. Soak in everything because you never know when you will hear one little tidbit that will change your business. 

4. Don’t recreate the wheel

If the corporate office is giving you marketing tools, use them. If there is a successful person in your upline telling you what to do, listen to them.

Don’t waste time trying to fix what ain’t broken. If you have a great new idea, you should definitely give it a try, but don’t ignore all the other tried and tested ideas in the process.

5. Stop blaming your sponsor

If you have a great sponsor, then kudos to you. Hang onto her because that is rare.

If you have a lousy sponsor, forget her and move on. Sure, it would be nice to have someone to help you, but it is not integral to your success.

YOU are the only thing determining your success.  Try finding a mentor or other successful people in the business. Ask if you can attend their trainings. Find a goal buddy.

Inspire and motivate yourself. This is a good life lesson in general – you cannot let another person be responsible for your success or failure. 

6. Believe in yourself to find success in direct sales

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Fake it till you make it”? I repeated this to myself over and over for the first year I was in business. People can sense fear and it repels potential clients.

Smile and project confidence in yourself and your products. When you feel doubt start to creep in, think of five things you have done right with your business. Tell yourself over and over, “I can do this.”

7. Just do it

Analysis Paralysis is a real thing in direct sales. You want to be perfect before you have your first party or approach your first recruit lead so you study, study, study. You know the history of the company and every ingredient in every product, but you haven’t sold anything yet.

It’s time to jump into the deep end and just do it. Your first time won’t be perfect, but it gives you a starting point and every time after that will be better and better. 

8. The real secret to success in direct sales is to never, ever give up

There will be days where you are ready to quit. Even when you have an established, successful business, there will be times when you wonder if this is really what you want to do. When that happens, you are absolutely not allowed to give up.

Work through it and try talking to a peer in the business. Wait it out for thirty days and see if you feel differently. You CAN do this. I believe in you. 

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