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8 Reasons Why Working From Home Rocks

At some point in your life, I’m willing to bet that you have fantasized about working from home. You have probably wondered if you would feel lonely and miss interacting with the people in your office. Maybe you were afraid that you would become a total hermit and lose all social skills if you were working from home. Or maybe you were scared that you would look like a troll all the time if you didn’t have a reason to get up and bathe every day. 

Want to know a little secret? Working from home rocks! I have never, ever missed going into an office every day and I can’t imagine going back to a corporate office job. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should make it your mission in life to work from home.

1. Working from home means no commute

traffic jam during commute
Just a typical day

Whether you walk, ride a bike, drive a car or take public transportation, I’m sure there is some type of a commute to get to your job. How many hours per month do you think you spend traveling back and forth to work? What a colossal waste of time!

When you work from home, your commute is walking from your bedroom to your office. Sometimes I “commute” to the kitchen for another cup of coffee, but that’s about it. Not only do I save precious time, but it cuts out all of the frustration that results from late trains and buses or traffic jams.

2. No bra

Well, really, no dress code, but most importantly, no bra. How much would the quality of your life improve if underwire was a thing of the past? My “work uniform” consists of leggings and t shirts. And on that note, think of all the money you save because you don’t have to buy nice clothes all the time!

3. No social awkwardness

Do you actually enjoy the social niceties that come along with working in an office? “How was your weekend?” “Oh, yes, I would love to hear about your kid’s birthday party.” “Please, can we discuss the football game that I don’t care about for the next ten minutes?”

If you are an introvert (or you just don’t like small talk), then working from home will revolutionize your life. Never again will you be forced into strange, water-cooler discussions or coerced into hearing about someone’s lame vacation.

4. You get to hang out with your pets all day

Winston the labradoodle
My buddy, Winston

My dog is the coolest non-person I know. He loves me even when I don’t brush my teeth and thinks it’s fabulous to sleep on my feet while I type. Plus, he always agrees with my ideas for articles and he happens to be cute and fluffy. Try finding that in an co-worker.

5. Unlimited snacks and coffee

Yes, I realize some offices have coffee all day, but it’s probably a gross, cheap brand and someone always leave half a cup in the pot and doesn’t make more. There is nothing quite like being able to wander out to your kitchen, grab a snack and stand there eating it in your pajamas while you brainstorm your next big project.

6. Working from home allows you to make your own schedule

Are you a morning person? Great! The office opens at 5am! Would you rather sleep in? No problem! The office stays open until 2am. How convenient, right?

This also comes in handy if you have errands to run or are just more productive at certain times of the day. I love not having to work set hours and being in control of my flexible schedule.

7. Work where you want

Working at the local coffeehouse
Work where you want

When you work in an actual office, your options are limited. You can sit at a desk or a table and that’s about it. When you work from home, you can lounge in bed all day on your laptop. Or sit in your backyard and enjoy some sunshine. You can hang out at the local coffee house or get work done while you wait to pick up your kids after school. You get the idea, right?

8. You get things done around the house when you are working from home

I’m always here for deliveries and it’s super easy to throw in a load of laundry when I take a break. You can get dinner started while you take a phone call. Sometimes, I like to think of new blog ideas while I vacuum. Busy moms need to multi-task at every opportunity!

Have I convinced you? Are you ready to start working from home? Are you not sure how to get started? Check out this article for some ideas. Or wander over to my romance website if you think that might be a good fit for you. I’m always hiring, plus it’s fun and great money. 

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