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8 Gifts for Sporty Teens (Boys and Girls)

Buying gifts for teenagers can be tricky and overwhelming. What brand of clothing do they wear? What is the trendiest new electronic? Are gift cards the best choice?

Consider yourself lucky if you have a sporty teenager in your life because this list will makes things easy for you! It doesn’t matter if you are buying a gift for a boy or a girl; the list is not gender specific. And it doesn’t matter what sport they play; the list is universal for all athletes.

Make sure to save this list so you can refer back to it for birthdays and holidays for years to come! It is really the ultimate list of gifts for sporty teens, with explanations of why they need and/or like these products, plus easy to order links. So grab a few of these gifts today for the sporty teenager in your life!

Clothing made especially for athletic teens

Did you know that athletic clothing is actually made to help improve performance and make things like warming up and conditioning easier for athletes? Of course, teenagers like certain brands because they are trendy, but there truly is a functional reason to buy some of these as gifts for sporty teens.

Athletic clothing can be a fashionable and functional gift
Athletic clothing can be a fashionable and functional gift

For example, these warm up pants have a drawstring waist, which make them easy to get on and off. They also feature front zip pockets for secure storage and ankle zippers so your teen can take them off without taking off their shoes. Convenient and fashionable – what’s not to love?

Or check out this windbreaker. It’s perfect to wear during warmups and has a full zipper so it is easy to take off. It also has the zippered pockets, is water repellent and has elasticized cuffs.

Socks can be the perfect gift for sporty teens

I know what you are thinking, “Who the heck wants socks as a gift?” Trust me on this one though, athletic teens burn through socks like crazy.

Also, they like certain brands and need them to be moisture wicking so their feet don’t suffer. Check out this six pack of athletic socks from Adidas. Your teen (and their feet) will thank you!


Sporty teens love these shoes because they are easy to slip on after a sports practice. Plus it saves the interior of your car from dirty, smelly cleats.

These slides are also perfect to wear on the way to practice. This allows your teen to put their cleats on at the field instead of in your house.

If your athlete attends sports camps, slides are great for communal showers too!

A water bottle is an easy gift for sporty teens

Sporty teens can never have too many water bottles
Sporty teens can never have too many water bottles

I love this water bottle so much that I might get one for myself too! It has a handle for easy carrying, is BPA free and leakproof (thanks to the cap with double locks). It also has a filter so you can add pieces of fruit for flavored water and a time marker to remind you to drink throughout the day.

A headband

A sports headband is not only fashionable, it is functional gift for sporty teens too! Headbands keep stray hair and sweat off your athlete’s face, so they can focus on the game.

There are several styles to choose from: the traditional, 3 inch thick one that looks like terry cloth, the slim, colorful one or the one that ties in the back. Why not try a couple (or all three) and see which one works best for your teen?

A running pack

Yes, this running pack is somewhat reminiscent of the fanny packs from years ago, but it is streamlined and highly functional. It is waterproof and has an adjustable waistband.

But most importantly, there is a zippered pouch to hold keys, debit cards and your teen’s phone while they run. Serious runners have told me that this is an absolute necessity and a great gift for sporty teens.

A sports bag is a gift that all sporty teens will appreciate

A bag is a great gift for a sporty teen
Athletic teens would love this bag

This classic, Under Armour bag is sure to be a big hit. It comes in a variety of colors and is large enough to fit a ton of sports equipment in it. Plus, it is sturdy and has close to two thousand positive reviews on Amazon.

My own kids have a version of this bag and use it daily. It is extremely durable and easy to febreeze the smells out of it.

A set of headphones designed for athletes

Many teenagers like to listen to music while they run or work out. These wireless headphones are specifically designed to sit comfortably in the ears.

They wrap around the back of your teen’s head and stay securely in place, even during a vigorous workout. The headphones also feature an eight hour battery life, quality sound AND a one year warranty.

I hope this list of gifts for sporty teens helped you find the perfect item! I would love to hear what else you think should be on the list, so feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you. Please rest assured, I only recommend products I would use myself!

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Ultimate list of gifts for sporty teens
Ultimate list of gifts for sporty teens
Easy gift guide for athletic teens
Easy gift guide for athletic teens

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