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5 Ways To Find Mom Friends and Expand Your Circle

Being a mom, especially a stay at home one, can be extremely isolating. You get caught up in the endless cycles of cartoons, school and kid’s activities and totally forget to live your own life too. And it’s such a hassle to leave the house that most days, you just hang out with your kids instead of trying to find mom friends to spend time with.

After years of this, the kids finally get a little older and gain some independence. In a way, this is wonderful because you can start focusing on yourself again. You suddenly have free time and the ability to go out and do things you enjoy.

But on the other hand, this is horrible because the kids want nothing to do with you and you are suddenly lonely. You have free time, but no friends to go out and have fun with.

And that’s when it hits you. You need to get back into the world and find mom friends, which lots of women find difficult to do.

There is an app to find mom friends
There is an app to find mom friends

So what is a momma to do? Well, there is now a mom meet up service, similar to Tinder. Swipe right if you like exercising and exchanging Keto recipes. Swipe left if you like wine and true crime documentaries on Netflix.

I can see the appeal to some women, but if using an app to find mom friends seems forced to you, there are definitely other things you can try.

Start exploring your interests

Think of something that you have always wanted to try and then give it a whirl.

Try a new hobby to find mom friends
Try a new hobby

Have you dreamed about knitting beautiful blankets? Always wanted to decorate cakes? Follow your passion and sign up for a local class on that topic.

You are sure to meet other people with the same interests, which is a great starting ground for a conversation. And you can explore your interests together to see if you want to continue with it.

It’s possible that you will discover that you are terrible at knitting, but that’s ok too! Move on to another activity and meet more people. The right interest (and the right mom friend) will come along.

Get a part time job to find mom friends

You can find mom friends at work
You can find mom friends at work

One of the easiest ways to find mom friends is at work. You can commiserate over your miserable boss or the crazy clients who come in. Or maybe you will find a new passion and lots of like minded people at a job.

And it’s a big bonus that you will make extra money while making new friends.

Join a club

It could be a country club, a health club or a one for a hobby. Again, just find something that interests you, even a little bit, and sign up.

If you decide it’s not for you after a few months, you can always quit and try something new. But you might really enjoy it and find mom friends in the process.

Find mom friends by volunteering

Think of a cause that is dear to your heart and volunteer your time to it. You will meet other people who are also devoted to that cause and most likely are kind, giving people.

Plus, it is good karma to volunteer your time and maybe the universe will reward you by sending you some new, fabulous friends.

Smile and strike up conversations to find mom friends

You never know who you will run into while you are out running errands. Smiling at people is just a nice thing to do and makes you and them feel happy.

Smile and say hello
Smile and say hello

Try talking to someone every place you go. It could be as simple as saying “good morning” or giving someone a compliment. If you happen to find the right person, the conversation will naturally evolve into something more.

Your new best friend is out there waiting for you. All you have to do is try something new, follow your passions and not be afraid to start conversations. Now get out there and go find her!

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