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3 Surprising, Free Things That Moms Of Teens Want For Mother’s Day

When your children are young, Mother’s Day is full of warm snuggles, homemade crafts and if you are super lucky, a nap by yourself. And while those things are lovely, moms of teens want something a little different for Mother’s Day.

Don’t worry, there is nothing difficult or expensive on the list. It is short, sweet and simple. Just three relatively easy things that will make Mother’s Day absolutely perfect for a mom of teens.

The 3 things that moms of teens really want for Mother's Day
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1. Moms of teens want to spend time with you for Mother’s Day

Time for a confession: when my kids were little, I would make my husband take them and leave the house every Mother’s Day. He would pack them up and spend the whole day at his mom’s house.

It worked for everyone. My husband got to spend time with his mother and she got to see her son and grandkids.

And I had blissful silence for a few hours. I craved the solitude after having little people hang on me all day every day. This was the only thing I asked for on Mother’s Day for probably ten years in a row.

But now, my kids are teenagers and I get alone time every day. In fact, most of the time, my kids hide in their rooms, only emerging for food or a ride to a sport’s practice. I feel like I’m constantly begging them to come hang out with me.

So in a total reversal, this year, I am asking my family to spend time with me. It doesn’t even have to be the whole day. Just a few hours in the backyard or hiking in a state park will do it. My only rule is that is must be quality, uninterrupted, no phone time.

2. Moms of teens want someone else to be “mom” for Mother’s Day

I know what you are thinking, “Who wouldn’t want to be the mom on Mother’s Day?” Allow me to explain this one.

I’m guessing that most moms take the day off on Mother’s Day. They take one day to do nothing. No cooking or cleaning or organizing who needs to be where at what specific time.

The downside to this is that if the mom isn’t doing those things, no one else is either. It’s not really a gift to take a day off if you have to deal with the fallout the next day.

Moms of teens wants someone to release control on Mother's Day
We need someone to take over the controls on Mother’s Day

Personally, I have trouble relaxing unless I know someone else will be doing all the mom things. I need to know that someone else in my house can coordinate the day and make sure everything happens the way it normally does, or at least some semblance of that. Someone else needs to be in charge of the house, the meals and all the decisions.

And the beauty of having teenagers is that they are old enough to do this.

3. Moms of teens want the kids to get along for Mother’s Day

This is probably the hardest one on the list. For just one day, I want the kids to not argue with me or each other. Or at the very least, do it quietly so I don’t have to listen to it.

One day without playing referee could possibly be the best gift of all.

If it is just not Mother’s Day for you without a physical gift, check out this. Or if your mom happens to be a Virgo, like me (hint, hint, kiddos), here is a whole list of tangible gifts she will love.

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3 surprising things that moms of teens want for Mother's Day

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