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19 Fun ideas to make Mother’s Day in quarantine special

Can we all agree that celebrating Mother’s Day in quarantine is going to be weird? Most likely, your family has a Mother’s Day tradition that just won’t happen this year. Adjustments will have to be made.

You can’t go out to breakfast or dinner. Heck, you can’t really go out at all.

No one can run to the store at the last minute to get you flowers or a bottle of perfume. You can’t escape to Target by yourself for a few hours. Mother’s Day in quarantine is going to be a new experience for sure.

But don’t despair! Moms don’t need big, expensive gifts.

Ask any mother what she wants for Mother’s Day and I promise you, her response will be, “Oh, I don’t need anything this year”. Or maybe she will say, “I just want to spend the day with you”.

While that might be true, she has been juggling the cooking cleaning, online schooling and work for the past two months. This year, more than ever before, Mother’s Day should be special.

So how do you make it a day she will never forget? Whether you are a mom reading this and looking for ideas for yourself or a partner or kid reading this (good for you for being proactive!), I promise you will find something here to make Mother’s Day in quarantine one you will never forget!

Think outside the box to make Mother's Day in quarantine fantastic
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Celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine with food

Of course we have to start with the old standby – breakfast in bed. There are a few conditions here though. Make sure you let mom sleep in; no one wants breakfast in bed at 7am. Also, putting a Mimosa or Bloody Mary on the tray will earn you extra points.

If mom is not a morning person, brunch is another option. If my kids are reading this, please don’t forget the mimosas.

Why not organize a tea party for mom? You can brew a couple of different types of tea and make finger sandwiches. To make it extra fun, everyone should wear fancy gloves and hats and talk in a British accent during the tea party.

There is something so sweet about having a picnic in the backyard. Plus it is simple and fun for the whole family, as long as the weather cooperates.

Here is another idea that the whole family can help with; bake mom a cake, cupcakes or cookies and decorate them.

Since we can’t go out to dinner, why not cook for mom or order take-out from her favorite restaurant? Just make sure to clean the kitchen when you are done. There is nothing worse than going into the kitchen the day after Mother’s Day and discovering a disaster.

This is my personal favorite – host a wine or chocolate tasting. Buy a few different bottles of wine or some fancy chocolates. Set the scene with music, candles and little cards with information about each selection. You can really get creative with this one and have things that pair well with each wine or chocolate too.

Free ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine

Do you have flowers or flowering trees on your property? If so, wander around the yard and cut a few for a flower bouquet.

Go for a family walk. If the local park is open and safe to visit, check it out together. If not, walk around the neighborhood. Just getting outside and breathing in the fresh air can be good for everyone.

Sleep is the universal gift for moms. Just let her catch up on sleep. Mom can sleep in, take a nap, go to bed early or do all three.

Since all the spas and salons are closed, why not host a spa day at home for mom? You could give her a manicure and pedicure. Or maybe a scalp, neck or foot massage. Or do face masks together. If her quarantine grays are coming in, offer to touch up her roots and then give her a blow dry and style. Any of those things will make mom feel special and pampered.

Pinterest is full of homemade gift ideas. Scroll around on there and find a fun project to express your love for mom.

If kids are reading this, the absolute BEST gift you can get for your mom is to get along with your siblings ALL DAY. That means no fighting, pushing or teasing. For one day, just try to act like you love each other.

Plan to sit down together as a family and watch a movie. Since it is Mother’s Day, she gets to pick the movie and everyone has to watch it without complaining, even if she chooses The Notebook. And remember, while the movie is playing, everyone should put the electronics away and pay attention.

Gifts you can get online

If mom is the creative type, check out the Buddha Board at Vat19. It’s the perfect way to kill time during quarantine. And honestly, I just adore this store. They have a ton of truly unique, quirky gifts!

How about a wine delivery service? Revel Wines offers affordable, organic, sulfite-free wines. Plus, this gift will give mom something to look forward to every month. Here is a coupon for 20% off your first purchase.

Speaking of monthly subscriptions, Cratejoy offers hundreds of different options. There is something for every budget and every type of mom.

The PediPocket is another unique gift. It’s a blanket with a foot pocket so your feet stay warm and cozy. Genius, right?

Last, but certainly not least, you could have flowers delivered. Try supporting a local florist and ask them for recommendations to really wow mom this year.

If you can’t physically be there to celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine

For some people, this may be the first time they can not physically be with their mom on Mother’s Day. If you can visit and keep an appropriate distance from each other, go for it! I’ve seen lots of people talking through windows lately.

I went to visit my mom on her birthday and we chose to stay outside and at least six feet apart. Yes, it stunk that I couldn’t hug her, but it was still good to see her face.

If you are unable to visit, why not do a Zoom or Skype call? Letting her see you face and hear your voice would be a wonderful way to brighten her day. Just make sure that you choose a time when you can focus 100% on her.

And remember, the gifts from above can all be delivered to her house with a heartfelt note from you.

No matter what you decide to do, remember that this day is all about mom. She will love anything that you do because it will make her feel appreciated and special.

If you have other ideas, we would love to hear about them! Comment below with your best tips for celebrating Mother’s Day in quarantine.

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19 fun ideas to make Mother's Day in quarantine special

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