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15 Holiday Gifts for Teenage Gamers That They Will Love

It was only a matter of time before I wrote an article about gifts for teenage gamers. Actually, I’m surprised it took me this long to do it.

I’m a mom of three teenagers and both of my boys (and my husband) are hardcore gamers. They love to tell me about the latest game they are playing and give me their stats. I don’t really understand any of it, but I know that my boys are excited and passionate about gaming, so I try my best to follow along.

This year, when I asked the kids to come up with holiday wish lists, the boys gave me link after link to games and equipment to support their hobby. I know I’m not the only mom who feels lost when it comes to shopping for this type of thing. And I’m definitely not the only one with game-obsessed kids, so I thought I would do the legwork for you and present you with the absolute best gifts for the teenage gamers in your life.

Top 15 holiday gifts for teenage gamers
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As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you and of course, I only suggest items I would buy for my own teenagers.

Top three gifts for teenage gamers

According to my husband and teenage sons, there are three items that every PC gamer absolutely needs: a fabulous monitor, a wireless headset and a mechanical keyboard.

Honestly, I get a little overwhelmed with all the monitor options out there, but here are a couple of things you should look for when buying one – a high refresh rate and an ultra-wide screen. This one is a good, moderately-priced option.

If you have a bit more to spend, this one supports a higher resolution (better picture) and is a few inches bigger.

As far as headsets, you want to look for a wireless pair with a mic and noise-canceling features. This one is a good option.

If your gamer needs a new keyboard, mechanical is the way to go. My boys swear by Ducky, but here is a more affordable option too.

Accesories for gamers

Forza 5 is one of the hottest video games this season, but to get the absolute best experience with it, your gamer needs a racing steering wheel. Here is an example of one, but double-check to make sure the one you buy is compatible with their game system.

Controllers tend to wear out after time, so most gamers would love a new one along with these customized thumb grips.

Don’t forget to grab a controller holder to keep everything neat and easy to find!

Lastly, a new set of keycaps can make a keyboard look fresh and unique.

Decor gifts for teenage gamers

There are so many fun items you can buy for your favorite gamer to liven up their space!

LED lights add ambiance and a fun vibe to a gaming room. You can get LED lights for a PC or as room lighting. My own kids have these lights in their gaming room and their bedrooms and LOVE them. They are easy to install and come with a remote to control the colors (over 20 options!).

Posters and wall decals are other simple ways to liven up the space. Search for their favorite video game and tons of options will pop up. For example, I hopped on Amazon and searched for Fortnite posters. I had over seven hundred results, ranging from tapestries to custom name decals.

Funko Pop, plushies and collectible figurines can really personalize and complete the look of a gaming room.

Funko Pops are little, plastic figurines with big heads. Here is one modeled after a character from Guild Wars II, which is a popular game.

Plushies are basically stuffed animals, but apparently calling them “plushie” is way cooler. If your kids are into Super Mario or Minecraft, there are a ton of plushie options for them.

Collectible figurines are a little different from Funko Pop because they are normally scaled to size and often, people leave them in the box (hence the “collectible” term). Here is an example of one based on a Modern Warfare character. Fair warning, collectible figurines tend to be for more mature teenagers and often feature weapons.

Stocking stuffers

You can never go wrong with Steam gift cards. Steam is a online, gaming platform, where your kids can buy video games. You can find them online here, but full disclosure, you can get them for much less if you buy them in person. My grocery store always has a selection of gift cards, including the Steam ones, without all the extra fees.

If you are looking for other stocking stuffers, check out this article. It has ideas (with links) to 75 things your teen would love to find in their stocking!

A couple more gifts for teenage gamers

All of my kids’s friends are talking about the Oculus Quest 2 right now. It is the latest and greatest in virtual reality.

I personally played a game on it a few weeks ago and I can vouch that it is super fun! Just make sure you have a large space for the kids to play it in, because you definitely lose track of where you are and start stumbling and swinging all over.

Lastly, gamer gear is a fun way for your teen to express their hobby. There are novelty socks and plenty of t-shirts and hoodies.

What I’m getting for my gamers

You are probably wondering what I am buying for my own gamers this year. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you right now because they might read this, but what I CAN say is that they helped me handpick the items for this article and many of them are on their own wish lists. There were a few things the boys were especially excited about so they might just find a gift or two from the list under the tree this year.

Do you have other fabulous ideas for gifts for teenage gamers? If so, we want to hear about them! Comment below and tell us what you think is the perfect gift for the gamer in your life!

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Gifts every teenage gamer will go crazy over

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