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15 Fun and Useful Gifts for Teenage Boys

Is there a teenage boy or two on your holiday shopping list this year? If so, you are going to LOVE this list of the top fifteen gifts for teenage boys!

I have two teenage sons and I polled them and some of their friends to see what are the coolest, most desirable gifts this year. If they still wrote letters to Santa, these items are what they would be begging the big guy to bring them.

I kept the list short on purpose so no one would get overwhelmed with hundreds of choices. I know that when I have a ton of options, I find it hard to pick the right one.

So while the list may be shorter than others out there, it is guaranteed to have a few gifts for every teenage boy on your holiday list.

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As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you and I only suggest items I would buy for my own teenagers.

Hoodies are the perfect gifts for teenage boys

Seriously, can you ever go wrong with a hoodie? Teenage boys practically live in them during the winter and they can never have too many. My younger son likes sports hoodies, like this one from Nike. My older son prefers hoodies with writing or pictures, like this one.

A trendy game

Spikeball is all the rage across college campuses this year. It is a fun, outdoor game that is similar to volleyball, but on a smaller scale and with a trampoline.

If you would prefer an indoor game so they can play during the winter months, check out Reloaded. This game is all about reaction time and the slowest person gets shocked! Sounds crazy, but teenage boys love it.

Room decor

Lava lamps are back in style and come in a variety of colors. Or for a more trendy lamp, check out these moon lights. They look so cool and even come with a remote to change the colors.

A watch

Yes, I know they use their phones to tell time, but I still think every guy should have a watch. We bought my son this one for his birthday, but here is a more budget-friendly option too.

Controller holders are awesome gifts for teenage boys

Many teenage boys play video games and all those controllers and handheld gaming systems can quickly become a hot mess. There are classic controller holders, like this one, to keep everything organized. But there are also really fun figurine controller holders, like this Darth Vader one.

if you have a serious gamer in your life, make sure to check out this article for the best gifts for gamers.

LED strip lighting

We have LED strip lighting in three separate rooms in our house – two bedrooms and the game room. The kids love that you can easily change colors with the remote and even sync the lights to music.

Airpod pros are the hottest gift for teenage boys this season

If you want to score major points and instant cool status put Airpod Pros under the tree. These are by far this season’s hottest gift for teenage boys. Make sure you grab a case for them too!

Sports Gear

Most teenage boys love to support their favorite sports team and there are so many options to choose from, no matter what sport or team. We root for the Philadelphia Eagles in my house and when I did a quick search on Amazon for “Eagles gifts for men” over 10,000 items showed up in the results.

I thought these custom pillows were adorable and might have to grab them for my teenage boys!

RFID blocking wallet

Another useful, but stylish gift for teenage boys is a RFID blocking wallet. This one comes in six colors and is made of real leather so it will last.

A mini-fridge

My boys would be estatic to have a min-fridge in their game room! This one comes in a variety of colors and can fit 12 soda cans or some snacks.

Sneakers are useful gifts for teenage boys

Teenage boys go through sneakers like normal people go through toilet paper. My oldest swears by Vans and loves the classic style, like these.

Again, my younger son opts for athletic sneakers, like Nike Air Force 1. They are trendy and go with anything, but are definitely on the pricey side.

Aviator sunglasses

Unleash their inner Top gun fighter pilot with these stylish aviator sunglasses. They look good on everyone and I love that they come with a case to keep them from getting scratched.

Food blankets are quirky gifts for teenage boys

My kids are obsessed with strange blankets, like this pizza one or this burrito one. And believe it or not, they are actually pretty soft and comfortable.

Don’t forget the fun gifts for teenage boys

Big kids want toys too! Remote control cars and drones are fun and come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges.

A Charging station or portable charger

Teenagers always appreciate a charging station, especially if they are quick charging like this one. And portable chargers make great gifts too!

Done shopping?

Did you find the perfect gift for the teenage boy in your life? Do you have a different idea? If so, we would love to hear about it. Comment below and tell us what you are buying this year.

And if you are still on the hunt for stocking stuffers, I’ve got you covered. Here are seventy-five options for stocking stuffers for teens.

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