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13 Fun Fall Activities for Teens That They Will Love

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing colors, there is a crispness in the air and parents everywhere are looking for fun, fall activities for teens.

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to entertain. Most of the ideas I suggest to my own teens are labeled as “too boring” or “for little kids.” I know I can’t be the only parent who struggles with coming up with things for their teens to do! So I enlisted my own kids and together we came up with 13, (mostly) teenager approved, Instagram picture-worthy, fall activities for teens.

Fun things to do with your teenagers in the fall
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4 Instagram worthy, fall activites for teens

We all know how much teenagers LOVE taking pictures for social media, right? These 4 ideas are going to give them beautiful scenery and the perfect backdrop for their latest pictures.

  1. Go for a hike or bike ride in the woods to take in the beautiful fall foliage. Check out the local walking trails early in the morning for a quiet, medatative hike. Or go later in the day and pack a picnic lunch. Either way, make sure to collect some colorful leaves and pine cones for crafts or to decorate the house.

2. Let your teen test their navigational skills in a corn maze. If you have never heard of a corn maze, allow me to explain. Farmers cut pathways through cornfields and you have to make your way from one end to the other. Sounds pretty easy, except there are lots of loops and dead ends. Also, the corn is taller than you, so you can’t see the entire maze, which makes it hard to figure out.

3. Spend a day at an apple orchard. Most orchards are chock full of fun activities! In addition to picking your own apples, some have pumpkin picking, petting zoos (who can resist touching a goat?) and baked goods for sale.

4. Go for a hayride. Or if you dare, check out a haunted hayride. There is something about sitting on bales of hay while bumping along dirt roads that just screams fall. So grab your flannel shirts and farm boots and get ready to ride.

4 Outdoor fall activities for teens

Personally, this is my favorite time of year and I spend as much time outside as I possibly can. Encourage your teens to get some fresh air and have fun doing it.

1. We are lucky enough to have a fire pit in our backyard. Most Friday nights are dubbed “Fire Fridays” and we invite friends over and make smores. if your teens are old enough, let them have a bonfire with their friends and tell scary stories late into the night.

2. Make a scarecrow. You probably already have the supplies hanging around your house and it lets your teen express their creative side. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to get you started.

3. Visit a local amusement park. Most amusement parks decorate for fall or Halloween and add extra shows or haunted houses. Plus, the weather is a little cooler and the summer crowds have dispersed. Your local park might even discount tickets in the fall so it’s definitely worth checking out!

4. Check out a football game. Whether you opt for the NFL or the local high school team, watching a football game is a classic fall activity. Bundle up, eat some stadium food and cheer for the home team!

5 Indoor, fall activities for teens

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate or, depending on where you live, it might be too cold already for outdoor activities. Here are five fun ideas for you and your teen to do indoors.

  1. Enlist your teen’s help in decorating the house. Whether you prefer a classic fall look or a spooky Halloween one, your teen can lend a hand. Plus, this saves you from lugging all the decorations out of the attic or basement.

2. Have a family, pumpkin carving contest. If you are worried about younger teens using a carving knife, make it a pumpkin painting contest instead. The winner gets one week off from doing chores! Don’t forget to roast the seeds for a fun fall snack!

3. Remember those leaves and pine cones you saved from your hike? Use them to make a wreath for the front door. It’s not as hard as it sounds, even a non-crafty girl like myself can do it! Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

4. ‘Tis the season to bake apple and pumpkin everything! Some of my personal favorites are apple crisp and pumpkin bread.

5. Did making the wreath get your teen in a creative mood? Let them try their hand at some other fall crafts. Here is a list of 35 fun ideas!

Halloween activities for teenagers

If you are looking for Halloween specific ideas, check out this article. There is a little overlap, but there are some fresh ideas just for Halloween too.

What did you think? Did you find a few fall activities for your teen? I would LOVE to hear your other ideas – just comment below to share!

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13 Fun fall activities for teens

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